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This page list and review all the unpleasant China's factory experiences.
Degree of Problem
I. Very Bad              II. Bad            III. Problematic


 "China Dao Ming" is a manufacturer of reflective material in Asia. The company produces a diverse range of reflective materials and related products.  DM is located in the "state of hardware of China" Yongkang City, Zhejiang Province"

This company made products which passed a Quality Control check in their factory.  After the QC staff left the factory they switched the products in the container and never took any responsibility when the end customer rejected and destroyed the shipment.

QingDao Eathu is a manufacturer of pipelines in China. The company specializes in casting, forging and mainly pipe work. Eathu is located in Shinan District, Qingdao, Shandong, China

This Company refused to produce claiming that their machinery will get damaged in the process after receiving payment for mould and raw materials. They even refused to give a refund and delaying refund with excuses despite legal actions being taken.

Longxingsheng is a factory which specializes in producing stainless steel flasks.

We made a order with them, but received products that are of very bad quality which cannot be used.

Zhejiang Yuxing is a factory specializing in glasswork.

This company always give us false information and empty promises. Very negative working attitute.



 Mbaobao is a bag manufacturing company which produces a large scale of fashionable bag, for both men and women.


Mbaobao was engaged to create a simple make up case, which was promised to be completed within 7 than 2 weeks and the phone operator refused to days. However, the sample was delayed for more answer the phone.

Zhuoshi is a manufacturing company which produces plastic parts and mostly die and casting work.

      Our company ordered white mugs from them             and after preproduction is confirmed, they                gave us silver mugs and told us that we have no       choice in changing the colours. they were only          willing to refund us half of deposit paid after             official claim letter was sent and after 
      considering taking legal actions.

      Teamtai is a bag manufacturer and exporter             who are able to produce bags of a wide range of       materials.

      We experienced GREAT delays in receiving                samples and also failed to return us material             after telling us that they cannot produce                   another sample.