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He Bei
Hebei is a province of the People's Republic of China in the North China region. Named after Ji Province, a Han Dynasty province (zhou) that included what is now southern Hebei. The name Hebei means "north of the (Yellow) River".

In 1928 Hebei was formed after the central government dissolved the province of Zhili which means "Directly Ruled (by the Imperial Court)".

Hebei completely surrounds Beijing and Tianjin municipalities (which also border each other). It borders Liaoning to the northeast, Inner Mongolia to the north, Shanxi to the west, Henan to the south, and Shandong to the southeast. Bohai Bay of the Yellow Sea is to the east. A small part of Hebei, an exclave disjointed from the rest of the province, is wedged between the municipalities of Beijing and Tianjin.

A common alternate after the state of Yan and state of Zhao that existed here during the Warring States Period of early Chinese history.
Most of central and southern Hebei lies within the North China Plain. The western part of Hebei rises into the Taihang Mountains (Taihang Shan), while the Yan Mountains (Yan Shan) run through northern Hebei, beyond which lie the grasslands of Inner Mongolia. The Great Wall of China cuts through northern Hebei from east to west as well, briefly entering the border of Beijing Municipality, and terminates at the seacoast of Shanhaiguan in northeastern Hebei. The highest peak is Mount Xiaowutai in northwestern Hebei, with an altitude of 2882 m.

Hebei borders Bohai Sea on the east. The Hai He watershed covers most of the province's central and southern parts, and the Luan He watershed covers the northeast. Not counting the numerous reservoirs to be found in Hebei's hills and mountains, the largest lake in Hebei is Baiyangdian, located mostly in Anxin County.

Hebei has a continental monsoon climate, with temperatures of -16 to -3 °C in January and 20 - 27 °C in July, and with annual precipitation of 400 to 800 mm, occurring mostly in summer.
Region Division
Hebei is made up of 11 prefecture-level divisions, which are all prefecture-level cities




Administrative Seat








Chang'an District




Xinshi District




Yunhe District




Shuangqiao District




Hanshan District



Taocheng District




Anci District



Haigang District




Lunan District



Qiaodong District



Qiaoxi District

Educational Instituition

Under the national Ministry of Education:

North China Electric Power University

Under other national agencies:

Central Institute for Correctional Police 

Chinese People's Armed Police Force Academy

North China Institute of Science and Technology

Under the provincial government:

Chengde Medical College

Handan College

Hebei Agricultural University

Hebei Engineering University

Hebei Institute of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Hebei Medical University

Hebei Normal University

Hebei Normal University of Science and Technology

Hebei North University

Hebei Physical Educational Institute

Hebei Polytechnic University

Hebei University of Economics and Business

Hebei University of Technology

Hebei University of Science and Technology

Hengshui University

Langfang Teacher's College

North China Coal Medical College

Shijiazhuang Railway Institute

Shijiazhuang University of Economics

Tangshan College

Tangshan Teacher's College

Xingtai University