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Hei Long Jiang Province
Heilongjiang is a province of the People's Republic of China located in the northeastern part of the country. "Heilongjiang" literally means Black Dragon River, which is the Chinese name for the Amur. The Manchu name of the region is Sahaliyan ula (literally, "Black River"), from which the name of Sakhalin island is derived.

Heilongjiang borders Jilin in the south and Inner Mongolia to the west; it also borders Russia to the north.

The Amur River marks the border between the People's Republic of China and Russia to the north. Heilongjiang contains China's northernmost point (in Mohe County along the Amur) and easternmost point (at the junction of the Amur and Ussuri Rivers).

Heilongjiang is a land of varied topography. Much of the province is dominated by mountain ranges such as the Greater Khingan Range and Lesser Khingan Range, Zhangguangcai Mountains, Laoye Mountains, and Wanda Mountains. The highest peak is Mount Datudingzi at 1690 m (5545 ft), located on the border with Jilin province). The Greater Khingan Range contains China's largest remaining virgin forest and is an important area for China's forestry industry.

The interior of the province, which is relatively flat and low in altitude, contains the Muling River, the Naoli River, the Songhua River, the Nen River, and the Mudan River, all tributaries of the Amur's basin, while the northern border forms part of the Amur valley. Xingkai Lake (or Khanka Lake) is found on the border with Russia's Primorsky Krai.

Heilongjiang is subarctic in climate. Winters are long and frigid, with an average of 31 to 15°C in January, and summers are short and cool with an average of 18 to 23°C in July. The annual average rainfall is 500 to 600 mm, concentrated mostly in summer.
Region Division
Heilongjiang is divided into thirteen prefecture-level divisions, consisting of twelve prefecture-level cities and one prefecture:



Administrative Seat









Daoli District

Prefecture-level city


Sartu District

Prefecture-level city


Xingshan District

Prefecture-level city


Aihui District

Prefecture-level city


Qianjin District

Prefecture-level city


Jiguan District

Prefecture-level city


Aimin District

Prefecture-level city


Longsha District

Prefecture-level city


Taoshan District

Prefecture-level city


Jianshan District

Prefecture-level city


Beilin District, Suihua

Prefecture-level city


Yichun District

Prefecture-level city


Jiagedaqi District


Educational Instituition

Northeast Forestry University

Harbin Institute of Technology

Harbin Engineering University

Northeast Agricultural University

Harbin University of Science and Technology

Heilongjiang University

Heilongjiang Institute of Technology

Harbin Medical University

Daqing Staff and Workers University

Daging Petroleun Institute

Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Heilongjiang Commercial University

Harbin Normal University

Heilongjiang August First Land Reclamation University

Qiqihar University