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Qing Hai
Qinghai is a province of the People's Republic of China, named after Qinghai Lake. It borders Gansu on the northeast, the Xinjiang Autonomous Region on the northwest, Sichuan on the southeast, and Tibet Autonomous Region on the southwest.

Qinghai is located on the northeastern part of the Tibetan Plateau. The Yellow River (Huang He) originates in the middle of the province, while the Yangtze and Mekong have their sources in the southwestern part.

The average elevation of Qinghai is over 3000 meters above sea level. Mountain ranges include the Tanggula Mountains and Kunlun Mountains. Its average temperature is approximately -5 to 8°C, with January temperatures ranging from -18 to -7°C and July temperatures ranging from 5 to 21°C. It is also prone to heavy winds as well as sandstorms from February to April.

By area, Qinghai is the largest province in China - excluding the autonomous regions of Xinjiang, Tibet, and Inner Mongolia, which are technically not provinces.

Qinghai Lake (Koko Nor) is the largest lake in the People's Republic of China.

Qaidam basin lies in northwestern Qinghai. About a third of this resource rich basin is desert. The basin has an altitude between 2600 to 3300 meters.

The Sanjiangyuan National Nature Reserve (SNNR), also referred to as the Sanjiangyuan Nature Reserve, or the Three Rivers Nature Reserve, is the area of Qinghai province, PRC which contains the headwaters of the Yellow River (Huang He), the Yangtze River (Chang Jiang), and the Mekong River (Lancang Jiang). The SNNR was established to protect the headwaters of these three rivers. The reserve consists of 18 subareas, each containing
three zones which are managed with differing degrees of strictness.
Region Division
Qinghai is administratively divided into one prefecture-level city, one prefecture, and six autonomous prefectures:




Administrative Seat







Haixi (Mongol & Tibetan)


Autonomous prefectures


Haibei (Tibetan)

Haiyan County

Autonomous prefectures



Chengzhong District

Prefecture-level city



Ping'an County



Hainan (Tibetan)

Gonghe County

Autonomous prefectures


Huangnan (Tibetan)

Tongren County

Autonomous prefectures


Yushu (Tibetan)

Yushu County

Autonomous prefectures


Golog (Tibetan)

Maqên County

Autonomous prefectures

Educational Instituition

Qinghai University

Qinghai Radio & Television University